Where Is The Internet Banned?


As strange as it may seem, censorship is still a common thing in a number of countries in the world. It is just illegal to attempt accessing internet for any reason. In this age where it is a norm to access vital information on anything that is going on all over world, it hurts much to here that some countries won’t just let you say hi to your friends online. Not even search for academic material. Some of the countries on this list partially allow internet for specific use. You will find those that have just banned social media. A good number will demand full control of accounts to be able to delete certain types of content that is deemed dangerous’ to the state. Here are some of the countries where internet is banned:




Here, the sole provider of internet service is the government. It has taken control of all internet connections blocking access to number of websites. It is nearly a norm to find Gmail, yahoo, Google Plus accounts being monitored and censored. It is also not uncommon to find people being summoned for posting or sending content online that has been restricted by the government.


Well, may many of you somehow expected Vietnam to feature on this list and there it is. Here the communist Party demands that leading search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to share data on bloggers and blog posts in the country. You will thus find blogs that are critical to the government or those that call for democracy being wiped out with consequential arrests being made.


With over 2 billion people, one would expect China to be more accommodating, but that’s not the case. It has some of the strictest censorship processes in the whole world. With technological skills at their disposal, China regulates what you search, post, send, receive and ultimately blocks certain websites that are seemed unfavorable to their Communist party.


If you thought eve Iran would give you online freedom then you are wrong If you start a blog here, then you will have to register with Ministry of Art and Culture. Yeah, just like registering a company in most countries. You’re thus doomed if you hope to express any dissatisfaction with Mullahs that rule the nation.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has one of the strictest Islamic laws in the whole world. You will thus find many people sticking to their tradition, but is difficult to understand if interne access is sinful in the holy book. Here, more than 400,000 sites have been shut down with thousands of arrests made especially if the site publishes content that is incompatible with the monarchy.

North Korea

This list can never be complete without the dictatorial North Korea country showing up when it comes to censorship. In fact, if you were asking yourself on where is the internet banned, then perhaps North Korea will be first to pop up. Here, only 4% of the people can access internet. The small percentage is however not free to visit any site as the government still censors mails, blogs or even block access specific sites that seem to advocate for democracy. You should thus be careful when you visit some of these countries to avoid arrests.