Review Of Blurb.com

These days, there are many self-publishing websites that cater to your inner author. However, Blurb is a relatively new concept. It caters to your inner photographer. Thus, it provides you with a basic platform to create attractive photo books. This service is geared toward some photocentric projects, such as yearbooks, wedding albums, photo portfolios and more. It provides you with the functionality and tools to let your creativity run wild. Blurb is very easy to use. Moreover, it also offers fun. However, due to the lack of marketing services and high end tools, it’s not suitable for professional products.

Overview of Blurb

Unlike other platforms, Blurb doesn’t force you to create a book online. The design process is handled through the BookSmart software offered by Blurb. This software is compatible with both Macs and PCs. It provides you with the flexibility to work on the project offline. With BookSmart, the first step to create a new book is choosing between four book sizes.

For smaller size books, the 7 by 7 square format is used. For photo-book projects, the 8 by 10 and 10 by 8 square formats are used for portrait and standard landscape layouts respectively. If you want the project to spread out, you can use the 13 by 11 format for various photo projects. In case you want to get more information about what Blurb produces, you can visit the ideas page on the website. This can provide you with some inspiration.

BookSmart is an exceptional tool for beginners. Everything on the software is already set up. Thus, you can start using it even without any technical knowledge or skills. In case your book needs are standard, you can easily create a complete photo book within minutes. You can also choose a layout suitable for the project. BookSmart also allows you to order photos conveniently. According to some users, BookSmart definitely beats Lulu Studio.

BookSmart provides you with starter layouts for yearbooks, cookbooks, poetry books, portfolios and more. You can also use a template for blogs. This allows you to convert the online photo blog into an attractive book. Though the starter layout is the default layout for the entire book, you can easily customize every page. You can also choose from 70 additional page layouts.

There are also plenty of Blurb promo code offers around the internet so ensure before you buy you have a look as it's usually possible to get as much as 40% of your first photobook.




Blurb is a very simple and sophisticated self publishing service for a wide range of photo books, such as wedding albums, cookbooks, photo portfolios and more. Though this software lacks high end tools, it still provides you with an easy and fun way to publish photos.